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Why we are “The Eye Patch People”


But why so many!?

Some people have asked us why we stock so many types, shapes, materials and styles of eye patches for our adult and adolescent patients.

When hearing about our range of eye patching products, other eye health professionals have have asked of us…”Don’t you need just one sort, or maybe two?”, well frankly, no!

Eye patches need to work for the individual patient; that may mean they want bigger or smaller sizes, some people want their patch to be skin toned, others want to go bold and bright, the type of fabric also plays a key role for people in how it will feel when they wear it, wash-ability is another factor regularly discussed, as well as whether they should go felt, silicone, cotton or silk.

Our mission!

Our orthoptists strive to have products available during patient assessments with our team, we are always trying to find a solution to each individual’s issue and their personal requirements. Double vision is a debilitating condition, and for those that find occlusion (patching) as the most comfortable treatment, we want to ensure we have the products their on the day!

After building up a range of products to suit most adults, Natalie and Carrie – orthoptists and co-owners of Adelaide Orthoptics, realised that other Australian patients need access to these eye patches! And that’s where our online store idea originated from!

Need assistance chosing the right patch for you?

If you’d like to discuss your requirements, please email us and we will get back to you with some suggestions from our product range to suit your needs.

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