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Vision screening is not just a job its our passion

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Vision screening is not just a job, it’s our passion…

At Adelaide Orthoptics Natalie and Carrie provide a comprehensive vision screening service to children of all ages and all abilities.

You may wonder why we feel so passionately about vision screening? 

Both Natalie and Carrie have not only experienced the positive outcomes that can come from early detection and treatment in their professional lives, they have also experienced this in their personal lives with family members.  Because of this we want to ensure that the benefits of early detection we have witnessed in our professional and personal lives are available to all.

So who are we? 

Natalie and Carrie are both highly experienced orthoptists. As orthoptists we are an integral part of the eye care team.  We are allied health professionals who work alongside medical staff diagnosing and providing therapeutic care. We diagnose and treat defects of vision and abnormalities of eye movement especially amblyopia (lazy eye) and squint (crossed eyes) As orthoptists we are recognised as experts in childhood vision screening.

What does this mean for your child?

We are highly experienced in assessing childhood vision, squint (crossed eyes) and eye movement problems.  We are able to assess your child at any age and with any ability. We do not need them to know or say their letters or be able to speak.

How do we differ from optometrists and Ophthalmologists?

Ophthalmologists are medically trained doctors who are highly skilled in examining, diagnosing and treating diseases and injuries of the eye.  They can prescribe medicine and perform surgery. Optometrists give advice on visual problems, test for and prescribe glasses and contact lenses.

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