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Vision screening is not just a job its our passion


Early intervention is the key to success in amblyopia treatment, so without knowing whether your child has an eye issue or not, you could be inadvertently missing a highly treatable eye condition.

At Adelaide Orthoptics, Natalie and Carrie provide a children’s vision screening service to children of all ages and all abilities. Letter knowledge, or even speech, is not necessary to be tested by the team. 

This short examination focuses on identifying reduced vision, misaligned eyes and eye movement issues, all of which can benefit from early intervention and treatment.

We recommend all children have an eye test before attending school to ensure that they have the best chance of success!

Our favourite test is Kay Pictures, and as you can see it uses recognisable images that children can say or match.

Not only is Kay Pictures child-friendly, but this most recent version has great evidence behind its use in childhood vision assessments, including in the detection of amblyopia.

We use three different versions of this test, depending on the age and ability of your child. 

Why do I need to know about eye issues from such a young age?

The most important condition to detect early is ‘amblyopia’, a childhood condition that causes the visual parts of the brain to be underdeveloped for a range of reasons. It is highly treatable, but only until around age 7-8 years.

This issue can be diagnosed after comprehensive testing, but initially reduced vision in 1 or both eyes is the first sign.

How do I arrange vision screening for my child?

All you need to do is book your child in for a vision screening at our North Adelaide clinic location. Currently the cost is $30 on a weekday, and $35 for a Saturday.

You can book a vision screening assessment by emailing our clinic: reception@adelaideorthoptics.com.au or phone us on 0467 303 640 and we will get back to you about an appointment time in the coming weeks.

Is vision screening not done at kindy or by the GP?

Since the discontinuation of the Healthy Kids Check there is no longer any specific funding for GP’s to do vision testing for 4 year olds.

There are some Kindy’s that do have Child and Family Health Nurses (CaFHS) nurses attend to do a vision test but this service does not cover the all children in Adelaide. Ask your Kindy or School what they provide. 

We can work with your child’s school or kindy to attend and provide eye screening to multiple children on location at an affordable cost to parents. Since we are not affiliated with any clinic or optometry practice directly, we have no benefit in recommending glasses or other treatments that may not be necessary and can direct you to a local clinic that can care for your child if an issue is identified.

You may wonder why we feel so passionately about vision screening? 

Both Natalie and Carrie have not only experienced the positive outcomes that can come from early detection and treatment in their professional lives, they have also experienced this in their personal lives with family members and friend’s children.  Because of this we want to ensure that the benefits of early detection we have witnessed in our professional and personal lives are available to all.

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