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Stroke and the Eyes


What is a stroke?

A stroke is either a blocked blood vessel or a bleeding vessel within the brain. This causes either starvation of the brain tissues that would normally be fed by the blood vessel, or a destructive amount of blood entering the brain in a specific reason. 

How vision can be affected

Vision problems post stroke occur in approximately 65% of stroke survivors.  These problems can range from visual field loss to problems with eye movements and double vision and can severely impact daily life. Some of these problems may improve or resolve over time while others do not.

How can Adelaide Orthoptics help?

Eye movement problems and double vision can be relieved by temporary prisms, fogging or patching.  Prisms can be used as a way of improving symptoms while the eye movements improve or permanently by having them incorporated into your normal glasses lenses.

Visual field loss can be particularly debilitating with difficulty navigating in every day settings.  Peli prisms offer help by, with training, expanding the visual field to allow a greater awareness of the environment.  Please see our previous blog for further information on peli prisms.

At Adelaide Orthoptics we offer support for post stroke rehabilitation of visual problems.  We offer prisms for both double vision and visual field loss.  We do not require a referral to access our services.

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