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It can be hard to get your little one to keep their glasses on, here at Adelaide Orthoptics we are happy to discuss your child’s needs fully but here are a few handy hints!

Get the right frame: the better the frames fit, the easier it will be to get your child to wear their glasses. Try and choose frames that have a large lens area, children are able to look over the top of the more narrow, smaller lens sizes.

If your little one is under 3, frame brands such as Miraflex, Centrostyle, Tomato glasses or Solo Bambini are great.  They are comfortable, light weight and made of flexible rubber, they also loop round your child’s ears or head to ensure they sit well.

For children with special requirements ‘Erins world’ is a range of glasses frames specifically designed for children with Downs syndrome and unique facial features.

You may find your little ones glasses have a tendency to slip down their nose allowing them the look over the top.  Silicon ear grips for the arms are fantastic for keeping your little ones glasses in place, they are lightweight grips which fit onto the arms of the glasses.  At Adelaide Orthoptics we have a range of different brands and colours to purchase.

Glasses straps, Strap Bridge or Saddle Nosepieces are also options to help improve the fit of your child’s glasses.  Speak to your Optometrist they may be able to change the nosepieces on your child’s glasses to something that will grip and sit better.

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