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Double Vision Care

Both sudden onset or slowly developing double vision can be assisted with a visit to our orthoptists.

A skilled orthoptist will discuss your case history and make assessments to determine what the next steps should be, whether it is incorporation of a prism, exercises or whether further assessment is recommended with an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Children's Eye Care

Our team of orthoptists work alongside optometrists and ophthalmologists from across South Australia to aid in the investigation and treatment of amblyopia (lazy vision), squint (crossed eyes) and glasses need.

Our team are especially skilled at assessing those children who struggle with standard vision tests due to their age or ability, but happily work with all ages.

Eye Strain

Do you find that your eyes become excessively tired during your school or work day? Do you get progressive blur, double vision, distortion, headaches or lack of ability to focus over time? Is it relieved when you close one eye? Then we are here to help.

Eye strain is most commonly seen in teenagers and older, due to the intensity of tasks done at school or work, but we have helped children from as young as 6 develop stronger control over their eye position and reduce the impact of their symptoms.

Goldmann Visual Fields

Today eye clinics, optometrists and hospitals focus on electronic or computerised visual field tests, and although this is fantastic for the vast majority of the population this does not work for the very young, old, disabled or visually impaired.

We have the only Goldmann Visual Field in South Australia, and work with low vision clinics, ophthalmology practices, hospitals and other providers such as stroke clinicians to accurately document visual fields using this awesome device. It is manually controlled by the orthoptist and therefore can be modified to work for the patient.

Contact us via email for an appointment.

Pre-operative and Post-operative Squint and Eye Movement Measurement

We work with ophthalmologists across South Australia and are happy to provide the required pre-operative and post-operative measurements and eye movement assessments that they need.

Please ask your ophthalmologist to send a referral to us with any appointment dates or surgery dates that are booked, and we will ensure that you are seen in the right timeline for your doctor.

Peli Prisms

Also known as Field Expansion Prisms these tools are used for patients who have homonymous hemianopia (losing half your visual field to one side) after stroke, brain cancer, MS or other brain injury.

We have a specialised program, designed by the team at Adelaide Orthoptics, for patients who wish to trial Peli Prisms. This program takes 4-6 months to complete, and if successful information is given to the patient and their referrer (if applicable) so a local optometrist can build a permanent pair of glasses with the Peli lens.

An initial appointment is available to provide information to a patients NDIS planner/planning team to allow for incorporation into the following years NDIS plan and funding.

Information for referrers – please contact us via email for an information pack

Vision Screening

Available for patients at our practice in North Adelaide, and delivered directly to schools, childcare and kindy. This is specifically for children between the ages of 3.5 – 6 years of age who would benefit from assessment of their vision, eye position and eye movements. Research has shown that vision screening is beneficial to detect eye issues at an early stage to promote the best outcomes from treatment.

For information for your childcare, kindy or school please contact us via email

NDIS Funded Assessments

We are happy to work with a patients NDIS planner to ensure that funding is approved for eye care to assist in rehabilitation or overall development in the home, school or work environments.

Contact us via email for an appointment.

DVA Patients

Please let us know if you are a DVA patient. Gold card holders who have referrals from their GP, Optometrist or Ophthalmologist will have their appointments funded by the DVA for 1 year, plus we can apply for treatment items such as prisms through the DVA.

For our longer term patients, we require the 2nd referral onwards to be issued by your own GP so that they are fully aware of your eye needs and what interventions are occurring.

Contact us via email for an appointment

Helping Children with Autism – Medicare Funded

Unfortunately, this funding has been discontinued by Medicare as of 31st March 2021 – however NDIS should in theory now fund these types of appointments and interventions.

Please chat with your NDIS planner to ensure that orthoptic appointments for “assessment, diagnosis and the creation of a treatment and management plan” has been included for your child, with a supporting letter from your paediatrician or psychiatrist.