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Help! My Child Won’t Keep Their Patch On – Pt 2


When trying to help your child with their eye patching, most parents will need to try a range of strategies and activities to be successful. This blog focuses on how you can use readily available dot to dot books and downloads to both entertain and distract your child

The first step in these type of patching activities is to get your child to take their time; get them to colour in or even decorate each picture whilst their eye patch is on, discuss the pictures in the book with them, practice counting, help them with their pencil grip and find reading books or toys that relate to the pictures they have decorated that patch session! You may even get them a special set of pencils, crayons and stickers to use when doing table tasks for eye patch time!

Creativity is great for overall development whilst also being a fantastic distractor for a frustrated child wearing their eye patch.

Why Dot to Dot Books?

Dot to dot pictures have so many fantastic benefits, not just for children with amblyopia! 

They are great for teaching patience, task precision, hand-eye coordination, counting skills and concentration as well as being a seated activity which maybe preferred if your child has severe amblyopia. They also have the extra bonus of being able to be coloured in afterwards! 

Use the internet!

There are some great resources available online including a huge number of printable dot to dots to get your child to work on!

Animal Dot to Dots


All Kids Network

Raising Our Kids

Some of our favourite dot to dot workbooks are listed below!

Dot to Dot: 1-50 Connect the Dots for Kids

Designed for children age 3-4, this charming dot to dot book has plenty to work through whilst also encourage development of drawing and counting skills!

Melissa & Doug Dot to Dot Colouring Pad: Wild Animals

At Adelaide Orthoptics we are big fans of many Melissa & Doug products including this great dot to dot and colouring book. Highly recommend

Dot to Dot Books for Kids

Aimed at a younger age group than most dot to dot books, this one is a great starting point with 50 pictures to work through and colour in!

Dot to Dot: Count to 100

This is another dot to dot book designed for younger children (age 3-4) developing their counting and drawing skills!

Dot To Dot Books For Kids Ages 4-8: 101 Fun Connect The Dots Books for Kids

This packs a lot of punch for the cost, with 101 dot to dots to work through and colour in. Beautifully illustrated and any child will love working through this puzzle book.

Dot to dot space travel coloring book for kids

A wonderfully themed dot to dot book to engage any space obsessed child!

Animal Dot to Dot Book for Kids

Fantastic for ages 4-6, this is an engaging dot to dot book for the animal lover!

Connect the Dots Book for Kids: Challenging and Fun Dot to Dot Puzzles

This is a fantastic work books for kids who are getting a grasp of their numbers. The pictures range in scale and difficulty, with puzzles from 35 dots upwards.

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