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Help! My Child Won’t Keep Their Patch On – Pt 1


How do I keep my child entertained when they are wearing their eye patch?

Such a common question, and there are so many ways to look at keeping your child happy and entertained whilst completing their daily patch time.

In this blog we will share our favourite search and find books for all ages of eye patcher! Scroll down for our list!

Spending 20-30 minutes doing various supervised tasks like this is a wonderful distraction for your child, and can really get them through that tough last 30 minutes!

Is there any benefit to doing specific tasks whilst eye patching?

There are two ways to look activities such as search and find books, the first is purely distraction to get through the allotted patching time, but the second is to try and enhance the effectiveness of the amblyopia treatment. 

So what is the evidence into this? The PEDIG studies were the first high quality, randomised amblyopia research to be published in the 2000’s, and they recommended short periods of ‘near activities’ as part of the standard patching time. Although it later turned out that near and distance-based activities are positive for amblyopic vision improvement when combined with eye patching, it can be easier to get a child focused on a near task for a longer period, especially if their vision is poor in the lazy vision eye.

Search and Find Books

Books such as the ‘Where’s Wally’ series are fantastic at encouraging your child to search, locate and discuss what they find, all whilst wearing their eye patch!

Our favourites are:

Totally Awesome Search and Find

Modern illustrations make this a fantastic fun book to work through with your child.

The Lost House

A lovely journey though Grandad's house finding all the things he needs to go to the park! Recommended ages 3+

Where;s the Pair? A Spotting Book

A slight deviation from the original style of search and find books, this one gets a child looking for the matching pair. Delightful book, aimed at children 3-6 years of age

Peppa Pig: Hide and Seek

Finding books with your child's favourite cartoon character can really help with engaging them in search and find type tasks. This one is great for children 0-5 years.

Where's Bluey?

For younger children, the book Where's Bluey has all the charm of Where's Wally but with their favourite cartoon character.

Where's Wally WOW!

A great book collection involving the first 6 Where's Wally books along with a jigsaw puzzle! If you don't own any Where's Wally books, this is the way to go. Recommended for ages 5+

Find Me: A Hide and Seek Book

With not 1 but 2 characters to find, this book is a lovely double whammy for children ages 5+

Minecraft Catch the Creeper

Does your child love Minecraft? This book combines their favourite computer game with search and find pictures. A great book for ages 7+

The Great Big Animal Search Book

A challenging search and find book, great for ages 7+

BigFoot Goes On Great Adventures

An advanced version of search and find books, great for older children (ages 8+)

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