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Happy World Orthoptic Day!


A huge thank you to Nicola from Kids Eye Gear for interviewing Natalie for 2021’s World Orthoptic Day. 

Orthoptists are an almost unknown professional group, but with a core role in the eye team within private ophthalmology practices, some eye theatres, regional clinics and hospitals across the world!

Click the video link below to hear Natalie and Nicola have a chat about orthoptics in the world of paediatric eye problems!

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…but what is vision therapy?

This blog outlines what vision therapy, also known as eye therapy or orthoptic exercises, can do to help patients of ages 5+.

Stroke and the Eyes

Vision problems post stroke occur in approximately 65% of stroke survivors. These problems can range from visual field loss to problems with eye movements and double vision and can severely impact daily life.

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