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Getting glasses for your baby – Pt 2


In this 2nd blog in the ‘getting glasses for your baby’ series the team at Adelaide Orthoptics are going to share their favourite glasses brands and styles for children under 1 year of age. 

This list is not exhaustive, but based on Carrie and Natalie’s own personal experiences working in both the UK and Australia over the years. If you have a favourite frame or brand that isn’t mentioned here please let us know in the comments!

Talk to us about your child's eyes

Adelaide Orthoptics offers low cost telehealth appointments for parent's to talk through options, discuss issues and be provided with solutions to common issues that your young child is having with their glasses

Our Brands of Choice


At least in our experience, when we think of baby glasses, we think of Miraflex. They are a US based glasses company that have been making children’s glasses in Italy for over 20 years. They make soft plastic/silicone frames for young children, designed with no hinges or nosepads and a built in glasses strap.

They also get a 10/10 from the Adelaide Orthoptics team for their frankly enormous colour range! If you can imagine a colour, they probably have it!

The frames to recommend from their line for babies are:

Comobaby by Solo Bambini

One of the first eyewear brands we found for our youngest patients was Comobaby (also called Como Frames), which we later found out is an offshoot brand of Solo Bambini. Solo Bambini’s direct range is discussed after this section.

The smallest size of Como Frames is their Newborn glasses which come in a frame size 31 (almost the smallest listed here), and the Como Baby glasses start at frame size 36. 

These are similar to other silicone style frames with no nosepads or hinges to worry about, and are just as hard wearing as the other brands listed here. A great choice for any little one. 



Solo Bambini


Solo Bambini has a fantastic range of glasses to offer for children of all ages, and is well worth a look and the time to try and find a local stockist! If you wanted to, you could keep your child in Solo Bambini glasses of various styles, throughout their childhood!

Their ‘Itsy Bitsy’ glasses are fantastic and designed for newborn infants and very young babies (the frame size is 30! I’ve referenced other frame sizes throughout and this is by far the smallest!!) GO SOLO BAMBINI!, not only will they fit the smallest of babies, they come in a wide range of colours for you to chose from. 

The next size up, ‘Teeny Weeny’, is for slightly older babies and will likely last much longer than the ‘Itsy Bitsy’ frame in terms of anticipated growth (up to age 2, at a push). The frame size is 35 for this frame, which is around the same as many of the smallest sizes listed below by other brands.

Dilli Dalli

Dilli Dalli is a US based children’s eyewear brand and is difficult to source in Australia in our experience. If you do find an optometrist stocking them please let us know so we can shout them out!

Dilli Dalli frames that would fit babies are SweetPea (frame size 36), Cookie Dough (frame size 38), Cutie Pie (frame size 38), Sprinkles (frame size 38). The smallest frame size they cater for, size 36, will generally fit babies around the 4-6 month mark and are the most traditional style of frame we will show you in this blog. We know that not all parents like the soft plastic or silicone style frames (which Dilli Dalli also make in bigger sizes), so here is a great more traditional option.

These glasses have a metal front frame, but soft hinges and arms, plus a head strap attachment, this means they are well adapted for babies to use and have been optimised to make them safe but sturdy. 

Nano Vista 

Nano Vista are a well known children’s frame brand that has some great styles. Look at their “Tweety” frame and ‘Birdie’ frame which come in frame sizes 34 to 41 catering to small babies. These are all available in a range of colourways.

Not only do they have more than 1 option for you to consider, they also have the fantastic feature of having interchangeable arms with option band or a head strap for these baby frames. This gets an A+ from the Adelaide Orthoptics team.

Check the website to find your local optometrist who stocks Nano Vista (worldwide search), are

Tomato Glasses

Tomato Glasses are a great brand to look into for any child, but for this article focused on baby glasses they have a great frame called ‘Tomato Baby A’ which is closer to a more traditional glasses frame that most listed here.

The innovative difference, and why we love Tomato Glasses so much, is that the glasses come with 3 pairs of replacement nosepads (different sizes), spare ear grips, a head strap and the arms are adjustable in length – all of this included in the cost of the glasses frames. Frame sizes available in Tomato Baby A are 35, 37 and 39 for little ones.

Not only do these fantastic glasses come prepared for inevitable facial growth, but they are extremely lightweight for a baby to wear. 

Check the website for your local optometrist who stocks the range in Australia


Centrostyle are a European manufacturer and they have ‘Baby Soft’, a rubber frame with no metal parts (frame sizes 36 upwards) . Comes with a silicon glasses strap.

We couldn’t locate a store finder/stockist function, so ask your local optometrist if they stock them if you like the type of frames below.

Kids Bright Eyes

Kids Bright Eyes have an extensive range of options, including for babies approximately 10-12 months of age and older. Their frame styles ‘Charlie’ and ‘Harper’ are designed for older babies and up, with a frame size of 39. 

Kids Bright Eyes are an online optometry store, where they can sell a frame and you get a local optometrist to glaze it, or you can get Kids Bright Eyes to make the lenses as well. The team at Kids Bright Eyes can advise you about sizing for your child, you need to email them via their website. 

The main downside to purchasing via Kids Bright Eyes is you will not be able to get the glasses repaired easily if they break. A local optometrist maybe able to assist you but it will cost more than if you purchased them originally via that optometrist.


Safilo are another great Italian brand of glasses, their design (SA0001) for 0-1 year olds in many colour variations as you can see below. The frame size starts at 36. 

We love these for the great frame shape, rubber hinges. low nose bridge to fit small noses, our only negative is that they are plastic so are a little more prone to breakage depending on how active your baby is. The frame also comes with a strap that attaches to the frame for added stability.

These frames have been designed with children in mind, and conform with the design guidelines of the World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (WSPOS)

How can Adelaide Orthoptics help me and my child?

Are you struggling to get your baby to wear glasses?

Do you need to talk to someone who is experienced in assisting families with chosing the right frames, or where to even start with the process of buying glasses? 

We can help

Adelaide Orthoptics team are available to provide advice via telehealth appointments on Microsoft Teams or Zoom for those requiring additional assistance and tailored advice.

Please contact us at reception@adelaideorthoptics.com.au for more information and to make an appointment

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